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The slanted team name across the chest along with the offset number makes them stand out against any other team design.The turquoise and gold would likely clash if it were any other team, but with the Hornets being in New Orleans, the color scheme just seems to work. 1 jersey is probably the most memorable until they switched over to the pinstriped unis back in 2008.The red base paired with the cursive "Los Angeles," blue numbers and white stripe up under the armpit have a cool, somewhat retro look.

So, in a tribute to the history of this great sport, I've compiled a little list of the greatest jerseys in NBA history, and to put them in perspective as far as time period goes, I've picked out a player who personified each jersey in his days with the team.Downplaying the purple and emphasizing the black while adding a bit of silver makes the entire thing come together well.The newer Rockets jerseys do their best to blend in with the rest of the league, yet stand out at the same time.There was always something about the home Pistons jersey back in the early 2000s that made Ben Wallace seem even more fierce than he was in those days.He made the white, red and blue almost as cool as it was back in Isiah Thomas' days. De Marcus Cousins has become the fierce, new face of the volatile Sacramento Kings, and the uniform design that they have going on these days really seems to go well with the guys on their team.

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Slowly but surely, the Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys are growing on me.

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